Growth Marketing Associate

  • Full-time, Atlanta, GA (hybrid)
  • Experience: 4+ years in growth or marketing roles
  • Visa sponsorship not available
  • Hiring manager: Head of Marketing

About Us

At Rocketplace, we're building a high-quality, low-cost, self-service cryptocurrency investment management platform. We are not just building another crypto exchange - our vision is to build the "Fidelity for Crypto" where “fund” distribution and “fund” management are at the center of our offering. We believe there will be an explosion of new digital financial products offered in the crypto space and all those products need distribution - and of course, from a customer perspective, they will need appropriate disclosures and compliance, especially as regulation increases in our industry.

Our founders have an enormous amount of fintech, regulatory, and startup experience which also gives them an unfair advantage. Louis and Ben built Earnest together, and previously Louis was also a partner at both Andreessen Horowtiz and Y-Combinator. He also founded a previous company that went public on the NYSE earlier this year for $3.5B.

We just raised a fresh round of funding from some of the best investors in fintech, and we are actively hiring across many positions.

Key Role Responsibilities

Rocketplace is looking for a Growth Marketing Associate to lead and assist with key initiatives on our Marketing Team. This role reports to the Head of Marketing.

  • Execute and manage growth experiments to boost our acquisition and activation efforts.
  • Collaborate across Marketing, Customer Success, and Product teams to share insights, data, and user feedback.
  • Assist the Head of Marketing in maintaining a rich content calendar that attracts a qualified audience including blog posts, social media, marketing emails, and the like.
  • Create and maintain email marketing campaigns for prospects through the customer lifecycle.
  • Synthesize and articulate data to internal team members to drive informed decision-making.
  • Own analysis and reporting for several key marketing KPIs.

Who we are looking for

  • You are based in Atlanta, and you value building in person.
    • Rocketplace believes that startups who build in person have a strategic advantage.
    • Rocketplace has hubs in Palo Alto and Vancouver, and we are launching our Atlanta office.
  • You are self-directed and love ownership over your domain.
  • You have prior work experience (4+ years) in growth and/or marketing at a software or financial company.
  • You care deeply about communicating the value of Rocketplace and trustworthy crypto to existing and prospective customers.
  • ​​You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, using them to create clear, compelling copywriting.
  • You are data-obsessed and make data-informed decisions. You might not be a quant, but you’re no stranger to Google Analytics, Amplitude, and the like.
  • Nice-to-haves:
  • Experience within financial, compliance, and/or highly regulated industries.
  • Completed key courses in Google Analytics Academy.
  • Proficient in best practices across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Competent in video editing.


  • Workspace: Get out of the house and work from a comfortable space.
  • Flexible PTO Policy: Take time off when you need it! We recommend 3 weeks in addition to public holidays, but there are no firm rules.
  • Equity: We believe that great people who join industry-changing companies should enjoy the spoils of success.
  • Health & Dental Insurance: We cover you and your family's health/dental insurance 100%.
  • Bi-Annual Meetups: A couple of times a year, we gather in Palo Alto, CA and/or Vancouver, BC to work, play, eat, and eat some more.


  • Full-time
  • Atlanta (hybrid)

Our Values

📏 Measure Twice, Cut Once.
We have a passion for excellence and craftsmanship and understand that great skill often takes a lifetime to hone. We push ourselves to move fast but we have a long road ahead. We want to be thoughtful, minimize needless mistakes, and break as few things as possible.

🧙‍♀️🧹 Defy Gravity.
Reaching escape velocity is hard and speed matters. It takes great teamwork, a lot of planning, resources, belief, and even then you are going to have more than one unanticipated explosion along the way. People will tell us it can’t be done or that it is easier to stay on the ground but we must have the resilience to persevere.

🏠 Bring ‘em home.
We set very high standards in pursuit of our mission but we must never lose sight of what is important: our customers, our values, and our fellow teammates. To build something great we must build it together, challenge each other along the way, and commit to getting the job done.

⚒️ Be a pioneer.
We believe in a future that looks different to how it looks today and to reach different we need to think differently. We must have the mindset to learn and the confidence, creativity, passion and perseverance to build the future we want in the world.

👾 Think Intergalactic.
This journey will be long and we can not afford to think small. We must think many, many steps ahead while always looking to build a strong foundation today. We must build for decades, not dollars and never sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.

🛎️ Quis serves ipsos servus (who serves the servant).
We must be constant in our customer focus. Our customers are in the business of serving their clients, and our mission is to earn their trust and serve them in every way that we can.