Software Engineer

[Hello from Rocketplace: studies have shown that women and similarly under-represented groups are far less likely to apply to jobs unless they match a job description almost exactly. If you’re excited about this role and our mission but your experience doesn’t align perfectly with every single qualification listed here, we encourage you to apply regardless. You may still be the right candidate for this or other roles at Rocketplace!]

It’s time to escape orbit. But first:


Here at Rocketplace, we believe a number of things about you:

  • You deserve to work in an environment that is welcoming, bright, and diverse;
  • You deserve to have a psychologically safe place that encourages you to do your best work;
  • You deserve to have a fulfilling career full of growth opportunities;
  • You deserve leadership that thinks about your career development and plans for it;
  • You deserve to love what you do and the people you do it with.

We believe it should be that way for everyone. It’s not, unfortunately. We know. But it can be.

So we’ve set out to build our engineering team intentionally - with both this mission and the culture + values that support it in mind - based on our experiences leading organizations large and small. This is where you come in.


At Rocketplace we're building a high-quality, low-cost, self-service cryptocurrency investment management platform. We are not just building another crypto exchange - our vision is to build the "Fidelity for Crypto" where fund distribution and fund management are at the center of our offering. We believe there will be an explosion of new digital financial products offered in the crypto space and all those products need distribution; and of course, from a customer perspective, they will need appropriate disclosures and compliance, especially as regulation increases in our industry.

Our founders have an enormous amount of fintech, regulatory, and startup experience which also gives them an unfair advantage. Louis and Ben built Earnest together, and previously Louis was also a partner at both Andreessen Horowtiz and Y-Combinator. He also founded a previous company that went public on the NYSE earlier this year for $3.5B.

We just raised a fresh round of funding
from some of the best investors in fintech, and we are actively hiring across many positions.


We’re looking for talented, passionate software engineers who

  • want to do work they’re going to be proud of;
  • are well-rounded full-stack technologists (or have the desire to be);
  • have a growth mentality and a desire to keep being that way;
  • are interested in growing towards or becoming a mentor for new developers in the field (and new developers to our team)

Our technical stack is mainly React and Python/Django based - however, we absolutely don’t want to discourage engineers who have previously worked in similar frameworks and languages (for instance Angular/Vue for front-end, Ruby+Rails for server, etc.) from applying. We’re more concerned that you want to work in these languages and can demonstrate effectiveness with them.

We figure you already know how to write code in one or more languages and can translate the foundations effectively to whatever paradigm you’re in.

We use a slightly modified Kanban flow of activity for planning in Github.


You can look forward to the following in the immediate future if you choose to walk down the path toward becoming a Rocketeer:

  • An interview process built for human beings
  • A technical interview portion that more closely reflects software development in real life
  • A chance to have a discussion with every member of the Rocketplace team all the way up to the CEO (we’re small enough that this can happen right now! Take advantage!)
  • A look at our Rocketplace Growth Framework
  • A look at some of our codebase

Career choices are a big deal. We want you to have as much information as possible about us when considering us to be your professional home.


As a Rocketeer you will:

  • Work with an excellent team with previous successful startup and software development experience
  • Be an integral chapter of what is already a really amazing story
  • Have a competitive salary and great health benefits
  • Plan your “Alliance” based Tour of Duty in partnership with the technical executive
  • Become friends with a number of incredible people
  • Enjoy a wonderful Yaletown office that we’re still not entirely sure how we managed to score - a block or two away from the magnificient David Lam park
  • Thrive in a relatively flexible results-based work environment


We have gorgeous, well-located offices in both Palo Alto, CA and Vancouver, BC; we spend between 60-100% of our work time in the office each week. Ask us about our “3 of 4 + 1” policy and the company values that back it!

As such, this posting is primarily for Greater Vancouver, BC residents or people who would be willing to relocate there (although we’ll also entertain interested parties from the Palo Alto, CA area).

We're excited to meet you!